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I entered BoniO Inc. after graduated, and I helped PaGamO , the major product of the company to increased active users during the time. PaGamO means “ learning through gaming” in Taiwanese, and it is the world's first online gamification learning platform, providing multiple quality exams, covering English learning, license examinations, corporate training etc. There are more than 500,000 players online to learn and compete together. I was responsible for the customer management, and I built a data mentoring system to helped my work, eventually enhanced the feature and user performance on PaGamO.


During that time, I found out when it came to midterm and final exam every semester, the numbers of students users activation on PaGamO dropdown dramatically. The data proved the phenomenon, and our team concluded that students were busy preparing the test. However, I realized the different insight through chatting with our ures. Because we are unable to do user interview, I use our chatbot on our platform to ask students about the details. To my surprise, students would love to use PagaO to prepare for their exam.

“I really want to use PaGamO to practice for my exam,” one student complained, “but there are no exam-related resources on it.”


I asked CEO to let me lead the project, making users could easily find the exam related content on PaGamO. I used the feature “Missions”, which automatically shows selected content for the users, so they just need to open the Mission book to get into the content. I asked our data scientist to import the highest error rate questions from the exam content so that the students can review the questions and content that most users are unable to answer. During a week before the exam, I publish the exam related mission. The numbers of the activate student users increased 20% after the mission was published! The users got positive feedback about the exam mission, and they said that helped them a lot for the collection of their reviewing questions.

PaGamO mission books


After the modification, I presented the result to our CEO at the meeting. He was surprised about the idea, and he promoted me to project manager since then. I realized the importance and interesting about the user centered-design, which was I just applied in PaGamO. A small change can make things totally different.

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