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The revenue of e-commerce grows up 10% each year in Taiwan, and most of the online shopping was influenced by Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs) or influencers. The economy of KOLs on social media is getting more important to most brands because they find out the decision of their target audiences is easy to be influenced by their KOLs. Our cooperation cases with global brands, such as DBS Bank,  gave us a great feedback about they would love to know which influences fits their target audience the most thorough data analysis so that they can cooperate with them. Therefore, we developed a platform to combine our data analysis on the facebook fan page with influencers, making companies and influencers easier to post cases, matching each other while fans get to buy things that the influencers recommend.


For finding the key features in limited funds, I did some user research to our target TAs, the KOLs, and brands through questionnaires. I realized that KOLs and brands have eager to find a perfect match for each other, and they would love to have an easier way to cooperate with each other without the help of Marketing companies.

I made a user research by doing a survey online for KOLs, and do some interview with the brands marketing managers to find out their requests. We find KOLs who are willing to have business cooperation with brands and companies, yet they were confused about whom to find the great partners and how to analyze their marketing performance so that they enhance their performance. The brands were eager to find a quick, easy, safe way with data analysis for finding suitable KOLs promotion.


Here are my conclusions:



(1) Users need a place to analyze and quantize their cooperation performance. data.

(2) KOLs needs a place to easier get in touch with companies and brands.

(3) Brands want to find a KOL with right fans that match their product or service, but there was no such kind of data or any opening analyze service in Taiwan know.



UI flow

For solving the requirements above, I, I defined our UI flow. There are three main features in ChicEras, making KOLs and Brands got great connections, easier to make a deal with cooperation online and promote the product.

(1) An auto cooperation performance analysis system.

(2) An easily-used platform to build cooperation between KOLs and brands, including e-commerce for KOLs to promote brand products to their fans.

(3) providing brands the data of KOLs by analyzing their social media, so that brands can find their perfect match.

UI Flow with the Development Process Coloring


We made the prototype and mockup according, and build the system for Taiwan and Vietnam, so Taiwan’s brands can sell their product to Vietnam, while KOLs in Vietnam and Taiwan can both get profits and business cooperation with brands.

Final UI for KOLs: Personal Info, Personal Selling Data Analysis

Final UI for Brands: KOLs Info & Data, Cooperation Performance & Data

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